The idea of owning a custom home sounds exciting. It comes with the promise of living in a perfect home, made just the way you’d like it. Buying a house is the opposite case: you have to contend with someone else’s design and structure.

A custom home this is the house of your dreams, built exactly where you want it and with every bit of personal detail factored in. However, if making your custom home from scratch is not an option, you can always remodel an already built home to suit your home fantasies.

Customising your home can be an arduous, daunting task. If you have no idea how to get the custom home of your dreams, keep reading for some custom homes ideas.

Benefits of living in a custom home

Creating a custom home allows you to get as creative as you want with your living space and ensures that all your family housing needs are met.

As custom home builders in Brisbane, we heard a lot of different reason why people look for a custom house project. Here are the ones we heard the most:

  • Convenience – Getting your custom home is convenient. The house is tailored to your particular style and desires, with everything you want. You get to share the specifics you have in mind that you would like incorporated. That includes privacy options, custom appliances, landscaping ideas, etc.
  • Choice of location – Custom-built homes allow you to choose where you want the house built. You can create a drive and have the house set further back from the road. This ensures the children play safely away from the road. You can also consult your builders on how to place the house to maximise light or shade.
  • Complete control – Custom home designs offer flexibility and give you full control over every aspect of your home. From the quality of appliances to the type of fixtures to the size of the kitchen: it’s all up to you! You can even include unique spaces such as secret rooms, tunnels, and tennis lawns.
  • Choose privacy levels – You can decide how private you want your custom house to be right off the bat. You may want to have high fences and security gates, plant trees and shrubs, or build sheds and garages to give you more privacy. Thus, you can ensure greater security for you and your family.
  • Quality assurance – Working hand in hand with the builders of your custom home gives you knowledge of the exact materials used in the project. That guarantees your home will be made from quality materials.
  • Budget Control – As the homeowner, you are in charge of the budget. You’ll only make purchases within your set budget.
  • Property Value – Custom homes with kerb appeal and attention-to-detail have higher market value. What’s more, adequate care and maintenance can increase the value of your custom home quickly through the years.

A few Ideas on custom homes

Here are some ideas for customising your home, whether building a new one or remodelling an old one.


Design is everything when creating a custom home. Check a few options for bold, custom home designs below:


The right ceiling design can set the stage for the design scheme of your house. Some ceiling types you can try include;

  • Tray Ceiling
  • Coffered Ceiling
  • Suspended ceiling
  • Beam ceiling


The design of your floors can enhance the look of your home. Some popular choices of flooring you can consider to customise your home include;

  • Hardwood
  • Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT)
  • Carpet


With a custom home, you can have both a shower and a bathtub. Create a focal point in your master bathroom by getting a free-standing bathtub. Add some tastefully finished spa jets and chromotherapy lights.

For areas in your house where you expect friends and family to gather a lot, consider installing commercial-grade toilet systems These toilets are designed for heavy use and water efficiency, ideal for any busy bathroom.


Another way you can further personalise your custom home is by adding extensions and storeys. Extensions add value to your home and increase the comfortability of your family. You can create more room by:

  • Adding a porch opening ‍ using bi-folding doors creates a seamless transition from inside to outside.
  • Building a garden room as extra living space, an office, or an in-house gym.
  • Building an additional bathroom for your guests.
  • Building an outdoor kitchen adds to your outdoor living space and makes entertaining outdoors comfortable and convenient. If you have no extra room in the yard, convert the garage into one.


Adding an extra storey to your custom house can help create more room for your family without losing backyard or outdoor space. For example, converting a single storey to a two-storey can make room for extra bedrooms for your growing family or that study you’ve been yearning for.

A house designed for you

After reading this post, I’m sure you know building your custom home can be taxing and time-consuming. It is, however, rewarding and freeing, and you don’t have to conform to standard features and finishes. You get to create exactly what you wish!

With a custom home, you have control over everything to do with the house, including the design, location, size, budget, privacy and quality of materials used. This means you end up with a home that is personalised to your precise taste and class.



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