If you are browsing for a home security brand for your new place, chances are that ADT was at the top of your mind. ADT Home Security is one of the best names in the business. It offers a variety of home security packages, and its monthly fees can be fairly affordable for some as well.

The pros of ADT Home Security

The benefits of ADT are numerous for new customers. The biggest benefit of an ADT wireless security system is its 24/7 professional monitoring, which comes with even the basic plans. What this entails is that if there is any break-in or sign of danger, your ADT monitoring team will be the first to know about it. They will quickly contact you by phone to make sure everything’s okay and send help to your place if necessary. Furthermore, if you do not answer, they will contact the police or emergency response personnel so that you can have these matters taken care of even when you are away.

A second perk many people love about ADT Home Security is its professional installation. At an additional (and required) charge, ADT will come and install your equipment to meet your needs. They will also test the system for optimal performance and inform you of how it works as well as provide training on its use for all your new equipment.

With ADT Pulse, you can also have your home monitored for safety when you are away on vacation or business trips. ADT’s security system can be programmed to send alerts to the local police department, fire station, and other emergency personnel in emergencies that happen when you are out of town.

Another great benefit of ADT is that it offers a variety of packages. You are free to customize a home security plan by choosing the types of equipment you want, from various locks and keypads to video surveillance systems. Also, if there is a certain feature that you have been wanting for your home, ADT can also work with local retailers to install specific hardware that may be available in your area.

Lastly, many people choose ADT for its reliability. You can be sure that an ADT security system will not break down or malfunction on you. Its equipment is made of high-quality materials to ensure years of use and its customer service has one of the best records in the industry. This also comes with the best customer service of almost any home security company.

The cons of ADT Home Security

While there are many advantages to choosing ADT, it still comes with a fee. One of the most commonly cited cons is that an ADT home security plan is relatively expensive, and it can be a strain on a tight budget. If you already have a decent amount saved up, however, this should not be too much of an issue for you.

One major drawback of ADT’s security plans for some is that they lease out their equipment. Some would prefer to own their equipment so that they can have them installed at their next place. However, a leasing contract will incur a fee, which might be more expensive than if you bought the equipment outright and had it installed by local security professional (or yourself).

Another con of ADT Home Security is its contract length. Their contracts begin at a minimum of 36 months, which is rather long compared to many of its competitors. Also, if you wish to end your contract early, you must pay out 75% of the contract, which is something they are very strict on.

If you don’t mind the long, contractually binding agreement and have the money for the additional upfront costs, then ADT is a good choice for you. This is especially true if you want local, professional installation and monitoring that can handle emergencies when you are away from home.



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