The repairs are over, life seems to be back on track, but the interior looks unfinished? If the coziness is lacking a highlight, try decorating an accent wall. The simplest and most affordable changes can transform an interior dramatically. To add such decorations, you don’t have to bet on betting sports in Canada or hit a jackpot – all these ways look perfect with no extra spendings.

The accent wall will help to make the interior unique. It can be highlighted by color, texture, pattern – anything that attracts the eye, arouses interest. Wall decoration helps to visually change the space, emphasizing the peculiarities of the layout. For finishing and decorating, use different materials. The easiest way is to wallpaper it with contrasting colors or textures – vinyl, paper, fabric, fiberglass. Log cabin or brick is easier to highlight with paint. Fabric or oilcloth will help to create a patterned background, and art painting is good for all occasions. The accent wall is appropriate in any room – from the bathroom and kitchen to the hallway and balcony.

Unusual Lighting

Don’t have the right light fixture? You can draw a floor lamp directly on the wall, and fix the cord and lamp to it real. Children will definitely appreciate such creativity. The directional light bulbs, turned in different directions, create volume and an interesting optical effect.

Quickly and budgetarily decorate the accent wall with light shades. For an unusual pattern, buy a special lamp with a hole frame. The light, falling through specially cut holes, casts ornate shadows on the wall on a forest or other theme. It is good if the ceiling and the accent wall are the same color – the pattern will be unified.

Books, Figures, and Objects

On decorative shelves, you can organize an exhibition of your favorite collection, a thematic selection of books, and memorable souvenirs. Shelves can be floor, hanging, corner, built-in, modular, folding, shelving. They can be positioned vertically or horizontally, depending on the exhibits that are placed there.


This type of decor can say a lot about their owner: dreams, preferences, and tastes. When decorating, it’s important to create a competent visual range. Works of art have no one standard, everything will do: children’s drawings, family photos, or artistic canvases. To place different in size and shape paintings, there are a few rules:

  • All paintings are placed at eye level.
  • Above the sofa, the picture is hung taking into account the proportionality of the objects.
  • To create a gallery, the wall should be prepared (free from everything superfluous, think through the lighting etc.).
  • Modular paintings can add a modern touch to the interior and allow you to create compositions according to your own preferences.


Mirrors in beautiful frames on the walls are a traditional d├ęcor, which adds luxury and respectability to the interior. Hanging a mirror isn’t enough, for maximum effect, adhere to certain rules:

  • Size matters. One large mirror for the room is enough. Other reflective surfaces can neutralize the entire impression.
  • Frame. Framing should match the style of the room or go beyond the general composition (for the interior in the spirit of minimalism, you can choose a frame in the style of eclectic).
  • Reflection. All objects reflected in the mirror affect its attractiveness. You can change the view in the mirror, renewing the interior in this way.

A mirror panel deserves special attention, masking the defects of the interior, increasing the space and its illumination. The accent wall with such a mosaic does not risk to seem banal.


Interior decoration is made up of little things. Even a set of blank frames when properly placed on a monochrome wall gives the room personality, creating conditions for coziness and comfort. A beautiful baguette is good even without a picture, especially if you choose a juicy color. You can decorate the wall with loose frames of different colors and sizes or combine the composition with photographs. Strict geometry sets a rhythm and inner emptiness of the frame gives philosophical understatement to the interior. An empty frame also looks great if you guess the place, color, and size.


When creating a composition, be guided by the overall theme. If you choose landscapes, all photos should have a single theme. A black and white selection should not be diluted with color photos – the unity of style is lost. A strong effect is given by the floor “rostral” photo. The joyful moments of life, depicted in the photos on the wall, is not just a worthy alternative to a photo album, but also an opportunity to experience the same emotions more than once, to create a touching environment.