Moving in can be a hassle in the case of transferring fragile items to your new home. If you had experienced breaking a piece of stuff before, this post can help to prevent such a thing. It takes patience and knowledge to complete the moving process. Furthermore, you can hire people to assist your moving day with the right tools and equipment.

Effective Tips to Transport Fragile Items Safely

The following tips will make moving in a lot quicker and safer. Read on to get some help for your moving day.

1. Prepare

Packing up items in advance will benefit your moving day. Do not rush the process not to cause damages and injuries in the household. Start by gathering breakable items, such as glass, porcelain, and other valuable stuff. Then, place them in one secure spot and pack them according to where they will be stored, in a moving truck or personal car. This also applies when the homeowner chooses to hire reputable moving companies to keep things organized.

2. Gather Moving Tools

Think of the tools you will need right before you collect fragile items. You might need extra help from people around you to finish faster. First, look for durable boxes, if possible in different sizes, where to store the items. In addition to that, make sure to complete your packing tools, like scissors, tape, bubble wrap, and a lot more.

A huge table could aid the packing process where you can lay the items temporarily. Make sure all of the items are secured with bubble wrap to add up protection in case of falling.

3. “Fragile” Labeling

Movers should be aware of fragile items by putting some labels on the moving box. It must be readable and easy to understand so that movers will handle the items with care.

4. Packing Techniques

Fragile items come in various sizes. Each must be packed with the right technique to guarantee safety during transport. You can search online for the best way to wrap a certain item. For instance, television is packed differently compared to other fragile items, like figurines.

A Few Examples of Fragile Items

To easily determine the right technique to pack fragile items, here is a list of items with the correct way to store them:


Perhaps you are packing the things from your kitchen, and lots of fragile items are in there. First, get a medium-sized box together with bubble wraps and crumpled papers. Wrap the plates individually and make sure to seal them with tape. Put the plates inside the box in a standing position with papers in between. This will avoid breaking the plates and also be reminded not to overpack. Moreover, collect those crumpled papers and place them on the top and bottom of the box for extra protection.

You can hire experts in packing plates instead of doing it yourself. Such an idea helps to prevent serious damages and makes the job a lot easier.

Drinking Glasses

Next, are the glasses that also come in different shapes and sizes. Get a medium box and pieces of paper to layer up the spaces later on. Begin by wrapping each glass with paper and then fill up the space with crumpled paper. There should be enough packing paper to reduce space inside the box once done. A useful tip is to place heavy glasses on the bottom and the rest on top to balance out everything.


Lamps are also fragile and here is a simple way to pack such items. This item is made up of two parts, the lamp, and its base. The first step is to store each part in different boxes. Prepare a box for the lamp and fill it up with lots of paper. It should be placed inside the box in a flat side down position to prevent it from breaking. While bubble wrap will work to protect the base stored in another box.

Flat-screen Televisions

One of the most difficult home appliances to pack is television. It comes with multiple parts, such as cables and other accessories. These parts must be put in a single labeled box. On the other hand, the screen should be covered with a soft blanket and secured with packing tape. Find a box that is exactly the size of the screen for packing purposes. Secure it with tape and then write a label.

Picture Frames

If you are one of those families who treasure memories in a picture frame, then this packing technique would help. The entire process depends on the size of the picture frame. Those larger than 10-inches should be moved separately. Use a blanket and bubble wrap to keep them secure during the move. While smaller frames can go with medium-sized boxes wrapped in packing paper. Put crumpled papers in between to avoid collision among the frames.

Other Tips to Consider

You may use cardboard instead of ample packing paper in between the fragile items. This applies to packing specialty items, like a washbasin and even larger items. Secure the item with as much as an entire piece of tape to ensure durability. Fill the gaps with crumpled paper to make it more stable.

Avoid using newspapers and old towels in wrapping fragile items. It would leave stains and not as strong as packing papers.

Final Thoughts

Furniture removals in Perth can help in moving fragile items to your new place. Their packing skill and complete tools will keep all the items safe until the end of the moving day. Contact a reliable mover near your location to estimate the overall cost.



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