In present times chimneys have become part and parcel of every kitchen in the households. They not only increase the beauty of your kitchen but also are the perfect way to keep your kitchen neat and clean and free from any kind of grease.

Whenever you cook spicy or fried food chimneys are of great help.  For such foods, you must use a bundle of spices and a large amount of oil to make the food tasty. But this releases a lot of smoke. The chimneys in your kitchen will clean the dirty air and smoke emitted.  This keeps the kitchen fresh.

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Why Do Chimneys Get Dirty?

The kitchen is one of the most important parts of the house. People spend most of their time in their kitchen preparing delicious food. Everyone loves trying new recipes at home, and for that variety of ingredients is used to enhance the flavor of your food. And this becomes the main reason for chimneys to become get dirty.

So, most people think abouthow to clean kitchen chimney grease? So, if the chimney is not cleaned regularly, this dirt keeps on accumulating, and after a certain period, it may emit a foul odor. This will make the conditions unhygienic and not good for your health.

Chimney Gets Dirty Very Frequently

Chimney Gets Dirty Very Frequently

But over a period, this oil, dirt, and grease that settled in your chimney will reduce the efficiency of the chimney, and it will stop working properly.  So, its utmost importance, that you clean your chimney timely without delay. This will increase the working capacity of the chimney, and you can get maximum benefits from your chimney.

Cleaning the chimney is not very simple and easy as it may look. Often people hire experts to clean kitchens and chimneys. But you can clean the chimney yourself also. If you are not very sure how to clean kitchen chimney grease, then you can read the post below. You can learn the hacks from this post and do it yourself.

Important Functions of Chimney

Some of the important functions of chimneys include.

  • Chimneys keep your kitchen free from smoke.
  • Chimneys absorb all the dirt around.
  • Chimney, keep the environment in your kitchen hygienic and worth working on.

So, it is important that you clean the chimney every fortnight or at least once a month. You can take out one day from your busy schedule and dedicate your time to clean this important equipment. Listed below are a few tips for chimney cleaning.

Ways To Clean Your Chimney

As seen above, the chimney is a highly important part of your kitchen. It is important to take care of this equipment. Chimneys come in various models, and people use them as per their choice. Whatever be the type of chimney you are using, it is important that you clean it timely. Cleaning the chimney is a task when you are not aware of the proper way to clean it. The tips below will help you to make the task easy.

Using Dishwashing Liquid

Nowadays, people wash their utensils with liquid dish wash. This same liquid dish wash can be used for cleaning your chimney also. It successfully cleans up all the accumulated oil, dirt, or grease. All you need to do is take the filters out and apply this liquid to the filters.

Now in a big bucket, fill some boiling water. Put the filters in this bucket and let it remain in the bucket for another 2 hours.  After 2 hours, take it out, and using a scrubber, scrub the filters properly.  In case you have a big steel container, then put the filters in steel containers along with the water and boils it for half an hour. This will help in eliminating all the stains and grease without any problem.

Clean Chimney with Baking Soda

Baking soda is one of the most common ingredients found almost in every kitchen.  It is also popular as a universal cleaner. It can even remove stubborn spots in a fraction of seconds very easily.  You can also mix baking soda with vinegar and salt to get better results. 

Apart from this, both salt and vinegar are excellent disinfectants that will keep germs away from your kitchen. You can dip the filters in hot water.  Also, add 3tbsp baking soda, salt, and 1 cup of vinegar. Let your filters stay in the tub for another 2 hours and scrub them later on.  This will help in removing the grease and dirt and make your chimney look new.

Clean Chimney with Paint Thinner

A paint thinner can help in removing any stubborn stains, oil, and grease oil very easily from the filters of the chimney. The overall process of cleaning is very simple, and you can easily try this method at home.  In case there is no paint thinner with you, then nail polish remover is a very good alternative for this.

It also gives the same result as paint thinner and cleans your chimney effectively. All you need to do is infuse a piece of cloth in paint thinner or nail polish remover and scrub this cloth on the chimney and its parts. Once done, clean the parts properly with water and let them dry in the sunlight.

So, these are some of the easiest ways to clean the chimney with things that are readily available in almost every household. Now let us see why it is important to clean the chimney.

Why Is It Important to Clean Your Chimney?

Why Is It Important to Clean Your Chimney

A chimney is an essential part of the kitchen nowadays. All the smoke emitted during cooking can easily be absorbed by the chimney.  This smoke is very harmful to human beings and can affect them. SO it is important that you have a chimney installed in the kitchen.  With the passage of time, this dirt and grease can result in the improper functioning of your chimney.

Furthermore, it can also become a house for germs. And we all know the kitchen should have hygienic conditions as your food is being cooked here. If not cleaned on a regular basis, then after some time, the chimney will start stinking. So it is important that you clean your chimney regularly. If cleaned on a regular basis, then you will not have a problem removing all the dirt.


Whatever type of dish you may cook in the kitchen, having a chimney is very important. A chimney plays a major hand in keeping the hygiene factor high in the kitchen. It keeps your kitchen free from smoke. But they get too dirty to get cleaned.

So, it is essential that you clean them from time to time.  As seen above, some of the methods to clean the kitchen chimney grease, the chimney can be cleaned with readily these obtainable ingredients in your kitchen.

Their coarse nature helps in cleaning the chimney properly, making it free from stains and grease. In addition, these are very cheap ingredients available in the market, so you need not spend a considerable amount of money.

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