The Sanctuary in Dubai, UAE is an exclusive residential project by Ellington Properties located in Dubai’s District 11, part of the larger community of Jumeirah Village Circle. This upscale villa community is designed to provide residents with a luxurious lifestyle, complete with world-class amenities and breathtaking natural surroundings.

Exquisite Villas with World-Class Features and Amenities

The Sanctuary is a condominium development in the Jumeirah Village Circle that provides residents with an unrivaled standard of luxury. The centerpiece of this project is the finely designed villas, which have gorgeous floor plans and access to first-rate facilities. Each of the villas in the expansive grounds is its own peaceful retreat, thanks to its unique Japanese-style garden.

Villas come in a variety of layouts with anywhere from four and six bedrooms and two and three stories. For the convenience and privacy of the inhabitants, each bedroom has an attached bathroom. At least two automobiles can fit in garages on the ground level. Each villa has smart home technology, which provides for a stress-free lifestyle. The Sanctuary is ideal for those who desire to live in an opulent and serene environment in one of Dubai’s most sought-after neighborhoods.

Luxury Amenities and Family-Friendly Features at The Sanctuary

Facilities Adaptable to Any Way of Life the Sanctuary’s residents will have access to several different facilities, such as a relaxation area, swimming pool, BBQ area, fitness center, bicycle lane, and walking trails. The neighborhood is great for families since it has so many parks, playgrounds, and places to walk dogs. For individuals who prefer a more active lifestyle, Dubai’s major areas are readily accessible.

Family-Friendly Community in The Sanctuary

Families with kids will feel right at home at The Sanctuary. There are a number of local schools and daycare centers for parents to choose from in this neighborhood. Medical facilities and supplies are conveniently accessible in the area thanks to the hospitals and pharmacies found there. There are plenty of fun things to do in the area, making it ideal for families that prioritize health and wellness. The parks, children’s playgrounds, and pet walking areas included inside The Sanctuary make it a great spot for families to spend time together.

A lagoon that has been created artificially acts as the neighborhood’s focal point and contributes to the attraction of The Sanctuary. Residents have the opportunity to take some time off and relax in the serene atmosphere given by the walking areas that run along the lagoon’s borders. Residents have the opportunity to keep an active lifestyle by taking use of the large network of walkways and the bicycle lane that the neighborhood provides. Because of the serene atmosphere and high quality of services offered at The Sanctuary in Dubai, it is an excellent location for families to make their home.

Modern Design and Convenient Features of The Sanctuary Villas

Luxury Floor Plans and Fully Furnished Villas The Sanctuary villas are contemporary and airy thanks to the use of light-colored natural stone and wood in the finishing touches. Plenty of natural light floods in via the expansive windows and patios. All furnishings and Smart Home technology required for immediate occupancy are included in each villa.

Exploring the Location and Landmarks Near the Sanctuary

Positioned landmarks and a user-friendly setting The Sanctuary is situated in a position that provides fast access to a number of well-known destinations, including the Butterfly Garden and the Dubai Miracle Garden. Both private automobile and public transit can get you to the city’s most popular destinations and commercial hubs in Dubai.

Maximizing Returns: Investing in The Sanctuary

In addition to being a spectacular residential complex, The Sanctuary in Dubai is also a fantastic prospect for anyone interested in making real estate investments. Those who are interested in placing their money in an investment that is both secure and lucrative will be delighted to find that the villas located in the project’s district 11 provide a healthy return on investment of 7.49 percent on an annual basis. In addition, offering discounted prices during the product’s debut period may assist clients obtain a better value for their money.

In addition to being flexible, the investment plans for The Sanctuary have been developed to meet the requirements of a wide variety of people who are interested in purchasing the property. Investors are able to purchase a villa at The Sanctuary thanks to the flexible payment plans, which makes it possible for them to do so without putting a large dent in their available financial resources.

This is made feasible by the fact that a sizeable amount of the value of the property may be paid after the completion of the home’s commissioning process. The Sanctuary is an enticing alternative for investors in the real estate market in Dubai as it offers high-end amenities, a prime location, and high revenue projections thanks to its combination of these features.


Understanding that each client’s needs are unique is a top emphasis at The Sanctuary. On all services, professional advice and flexible payment options are offered. Professionals take the time to understand requirements and provide tailored solutions that fit individual financial plans. There are many payment options available, including cash payments, credit cards, and electronic financial transfers. It is possible to stretch out the expense of services over a longer period of time by accepting third-party financing. Making services as affordable and available as feasible enables people to get assistance in the most efficient manner.

Visitors to the website are able to view current developer offers with rates in both dollars and euros. Buyers may consult qualified experts on all aspects of choosing and purchasing real estate. Convenient payment schedules are also available, with the majority of the property value paid after commissioning. Get in touch now to begin looking for houses abroad!

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