Remote learning has become one of the challenges of modern days, especially in the period of isolation. Online classes became the new normal in a short period of time so that both students and teachers are suddenly forced to accept the new way of working. To make work from home more efficient, more productive, but also more fun, students should be equipped with a couple of home essentials we are just about to display in this article.

Wireless Headphones

Wireless headphones have been around for years. However, their popularity has really flourished only in recent months. “There are at least three reasons for this. The first is the fact that Apple and other phone manufacturers began to throw out a 3.5 mm input for classic headphones. The second is the emergence of TWS models that have changed everything, and the third is a need to have a hassle-free set for Zoom calls that includes both video and audio gadgets.

Among other features, we suggest you pay attention to battery capacity, range, internet connection, and headphone size. Some models will be bigger and some smaller. See the Bluetooth standard they use as well as the controls you get on the headphone. Many models you can find have noise suppression which can be quite useful, say in a dorm room or a house full of kids …

Laptop or Desktop PC

“If until now it was considered that the upgrade of the computer can wait, this year it was an item marked “mandatory”, according to Elijah Shwartz, a prominent expert and blogger at who researched the distance learning conditions: “And not only that, because all the family members were forced to work and learn from a distance, everyone had to get their own computer – and a laptop is imposed as an ideal solution.” Whether we talk about homework deadlines or respecting the school schedule, the gadget helps complete all tasks.

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Surprisingly, the pandemic “helped” the recovery of the desktop computer market. As we spend more at home, working and having fun, the desktop version of the computer becomes attractive again. Whenever sharing tips for studying at home, PCs have their well-deserved place among tools that dominate your study area.

Regardless of your choice, it would be also great to add some extra gadgets such as a portable hard disk. It is always a good idea to have a backup system for important documents, files, and media files. For students, an additional copy of papers and essays in case of device failure may be crucial. Although cloud storage is an option, if you prefer to have a physical backup on hand – and one that could also be used to store media, movies, TV shows, photos, and more – a removable storage device is an alternative for the entire lot.

Paper Notebooks

There are people who simply love paper and everything paper: notebooks, notebooks, diaries. They like to physically write down their obligations on paper and that is the safest way for them. That’s how they remember best: when they see a written word on paper. Even today, when digitization is ubiquitous, classic diaries are used almost as much as a few decades ago.

There is also an alternative. Most students take notes during lectures, but if the distance process takes longer, investing in a more modern alternative can simplify the thing. Notebooks are now completely digital, and you can purchase a writing kit that includes a smartpen, notebook/tablet, and access to the Notes app. This way it is possible to convert handwritten thoughts, pictures, or notes to digital format.

The system eliminates the need to type handwritten notes. Also, a smart background can also be especially useful for those who type easy and slow or those who work best with a pen in hand rather than a keyboard.

Study Table

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How to feel like going into a normal school even though everything takes place in your house? Where to put all those gadgets we talked about? To get the best study experience, you simply need a table designed and destined for work. It would be great to have one that will fit your interior design too without disturbing already furnished space.

Desk Lamp

When a student is asked to stare at the screen for hours or an entire day, his/her eyes and concentration may suffer – but real light and ambiance help remove eye strain. The days of bright lighting from traditional light bulbs are long gone with the arrival of IoT and smart lighting products in our homes. This is where a LED desk lamp steps on the stage. We suggest you get a LED lamp that can be connected via a USB port, so you can connect it with other portable devices. Also, it would be useful to have a smart lamp that allows different lights to be lit.

These lights, which can be easily controlled via a mobile application or voice assistants, provide a range of colors and temperatures suitable for everyone, from watching a movie to reading. Adjustable light options will be especially useful for college students to help them concentrate while working at a distance.

Smart Coffee Mugs

The opposite of a traditional cup is a smart or self-heating mug It is a perfect choice for learners and workers who do not raise their heads from work, and do not want their favorite drink to be cold. The smartest among them, they say, not only controls the heat, but also recognizes the type of liquid that is in it, the amount of caffeine, and can count calories.

Portable Table

Sitting at a computer during working hours causes an incorrect body position, so your back suffers, and your spine deforms slowly but surely. But now you can switch your position and get up, and the business will not suffer because of that. This way you will rest your lumbar area, feel better and more concentrated, and thus be more productive. Also, the folding, adjustable table can be used to work on the laptop from the bed. Where available, there is an additional plus.

A few tips for buying a portable table: look for one large enough to withstand laptops, mice, and other peripherals. It would be great to have a drawer adjustable in height and to have holders to prevent the gadget from slipping and a mouse frame. Some tables have a small fan at the bottom that will prevent overheating, even if you are at work for hours.