Welcoming a baby to your home is a joy and a delight. Part of the process of preparing for the baby’s arrival means finding the right place for it to sleep. That is why you need to pick out the ideal crib mattress well before the newborn shows up.

Babies need to be able to sleep. Sleep promotes health and allows the baby time to relax. If you are looking for a place to keep your baby, a crib is a good option. Cribs are safe and secure. They’re also portable. Many can grow with the baby. A good mattress offers great support, easy cleaning, and meets all necessary safety standards.

Types of Mattresses

There are many types of mattresses to pick from for any crib. Many parents love the option of a foam version. That’s because these are light in weight. It’s also because this kind of crib mattress is often a far less expensive option, especially if you purchase from places like Naturepedic. Make sure you buy a mattress that is specifically designed for babies. That will prevent Sudden Infant Death Syndrome.

Another common type of mattress that many parents use in their cribs is innerspring. This consists of coils that are covered in padding, foam, and typically fabric. Look for thicker coils that are heavier. They are going to be more durable. That’s especially important if you plan to have additional babies in the future. You can pass on the mattress to the child’s siblings.

The Legal Size

A mattress of this type has a specific, required size. It is hugely important to buy a new mattress. A used mattress may have bacteria and sagging areas. That can present safety hazards for your baby.

The mattress for the crib must be able to meet all legal standards. It must be 27.25″ x 51.25″ inches. It should not be thicker than six inches. It’s imperative to test it out as much as possible. There should be no gaps in the item. Use your fingers along the side to test it. A snug fit will decrease the possibility of the baby’s body or head getting trapped in the side as they sleep. That will keep the baby safe as they stay in the crib even when you’re not there.

Add a cover on it. The cover can protect the mattress from issues like stains. Look for a well-fitting cover without gaps. Breathable, all-natural organic cotton is an excellent choice. Clean it quickly and then place it on top of the mattress again.

Child Development

Babies don’t stay babies. They grow up. You’re going to need a mattress that can grow with your baby. For many parents, the answer to this question is a mattress that can do double duty. Consider what is known as 2-Stage crib mattresses. This is a mattress that can be flipped over and used for a toddler bed.

Getting ready for the new arrival is easier than ever when you have the right equipment on hand.



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