Wireless, wireless, and wireless. Almost all of our connections are becoming wireless one by one. Whether it is doorbells or cellphones, all of the things are becoming wireless. It happened due to the convenience it will give to human beings.

Wired devices are more directional and fixed. You can use it under a specific range only while the wireless devices have leaped out these limits. Wireless devices have made us get the utmost convenience and be freer.

While using wired devices, we feel bound to it, while wireless devices keep us as free as we can. Wireless devices have a wide range of varieties, and many of the manufacturers have changed their wired devices to the wireless ones.

Wifi, broadband, is one of those wireless devices which is in high demand. There is a lot of competition in this field, and manufacturers are trying to get as many costumers as possible. They are advancing their technology and making their products more and more high-tech to attract people.

The sky is one of the manufacturers which have pioneered the art of making some of the best wireless devices such as wifi, router, broadband, and many more. In this article, we are going to discuss one of their products named Sky Q Hub. This is their second product of a series, which was started by the manufacturing of Sky Hub. Sky Q Hub is the advanced form of the previous one.

A Detailed Overview of Sky Q Hub

Question: Does Sky Q Have WPS Button?

Sky Q Hub is the modified version of its predecessor Sky Hub. People were not so happy with the sky hub, and after seeing it’s a drawback and it impacts the people sky introduced the modified version of it, and they named it sky q hub. This has promised to give the best performance and will give you the best experience ever.

Sky has some great features to present us through sky q hub, and they are claiming that they have made the best of the best. They claim that their sky q hub has the best feature which you will not get from the ones which are already in the market and serving you.

Digging some more about it, and then we found that it supports both ADSL and VDSL connections, and it will not disappoint you in this thing at all. One of the most exciting features which fascinated us most is that it has an integrated modem, which is a great thing to have. It means that you don’t have to buy two boxes.

Neither you have to plug in 2 boxes into the mains. You usually don’t get this feature, and it is almost unavailable in those who are already present in the market; this is why it fascinated us most.

Now, you just put your eight cable figure, and you are ready to go. The one thing which makes us take a relaxing sigh is that it doesn’t have an ugly protruding antenna either. It has used a different technology for the connection of wired devices. Sky Q hub has Gigabit Ethernet for the connection of wired devices.

Talking about the absent things, in this sky q hub is you will have ethernet for only two wired devices. It means that you can connect only two wired devices at a time, and if you want to connect more devices, then a 3rd party device will become mandatory to you, which requires extra budget also.

So, this is going to go some of your money as well. Another thing which is absent in this sky q hub is USB port. This is not a surprise as this is common, and it doesn’t shock us much. You will not get a USB port, which stops you from storing something and will not enable a printer as well.

Schedule restricted access, and URL blocking is also not so advance. Instead, it is a very basic one, and for the guest network, you will also get some basic settings only and nothing much.

Frequency, Band, Range, and More

We will discuss the frequency, band length, range of sky q hub, and a few things more in this section of our article. What people consider and always stay curious about is frequency.

Frequency matters a lot when it comes to speed and smooth operation of connected devices. Frequency should be enough for devices neither less nor high just in the normal range. Thus keeps your devices boost up and have a better and stable network as well.

Talking about its frequency, we know that the sky q hub is the modified version of its predecessor. That’s why it is much more advanced than the previous one. If you know about the sky hub, then you must be familiar with its specifications and features as well. If not, then don’t worry as we are here.

It’s predecessor used to operate on only one frequency, which is 2.4 GHz, or we can say operate through a single band only. At the same time, the sky q hub is a dual-band device. It means that it operates through two bands of different frequencies. It can operate through 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz as well.

This is quite interesting as its predecessor used to have capabilities to connect to 4 devices but had only one frequency band, on the other hand, sky q hub, which can connect only two devices have a dual-band frequency range.

This gives a clear cut idea that the manufacturers have tried to remove load out of this device. They have tried to make it more compact with less connection but better performance and better connection speeds to the connected devices.

Advantages Sky Q Hub have Due to its Dual-Band Frequency Range

Sky Q

Image Source – https://www.techradar.com/reviews/audio-visual/digital-tv-recorders/sky-q-1309215/review

We know that the sky q hub is the advanced model and has more features than its predecessor. It has dual-band length, which operates in the frequency of 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz. It gives you 802.11ac, which is a very up-to-date and very upgraded version of the older version.

Since it has two connections, or we can say that two devices can connect and also to which you get a double band of frequency as well. This all adds up to give you the fastest and smoothest network speed. You are going to have a great experience and will surely make you feel very high on speeds as well.

Some General Information Regarding the Dual Band of Frequency

Some things are necessary to clarify regarding the frequency and dual-band nature of sky q hub. Since it a dual-band device, a question that arises here is that we should separate both frequency bands or not.

The answer is a simple yes. Of course, you should separate both the bands. Older devices will connect to the 2.4 GHz first and will not even see the 5 GHz frequency. This will stop your network from clogged up and will also reduce the chances of interference as well.

It will be high, or we can say excellent if you have the same SSID for both frequency bands. This will not only maintain your devices in an optimal state but will also operate smoothly without any interference.

If you don’t want to operate both frequency bands at a time, then it is also not a big problem. You can change the settings to select only one frequency band. You just have to log in to your account and then just enter the IP address, and after that, you will see a tab of wireless devices from where you can now go to the wireless settings. Here you will be able to change the 802.11 band frequency. If it is at 2.4 GHz, then you can change it to 5 GHz or vice versa.

What you can do more to enhance the speed for your connected devices is to uncheck the option of synchronization of 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz settings. You will find the same into the settings menu of “Wireless Access Points.” Through this, you will split the two bands into two different networks.

After this, you will have two different wifi networks. Now, you can connect your devices to different wifi networks, which will give you a better experience. This will not only reduce the traffic but will also increase the speed as well.

This is just a trick through which you can make your devices work better by connecting them to two different wifi networks, which will be available from a single device. But, do remember that only two devices can be connected to this sky q hub device, and if you want to connect more, then you will require some extra help and some extra money as well.


At last, we will say that this product has got some of the best features like dual-band of frequency. This device has some great features to give you, and there are also some drawbacks as well. Features will improve your connection and speed while drawbacks are not as such that we should be worried about.

Drawbacks are typical and will not affect you much, but its features will be astonishing for you. Wrapping it up as a dual-band device that can operate through two frequency band one is 2.4 GHz, and the second one is 5 GHz.

You can make it as a single wifi network, which will make your older devices connect to only 2.4 GHz while 5 GHz will be out of their range, or you can make two different wifi networks of different band frequency.

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