Renting is a great way for people to live in a chosen area, with less up front costs to buying a property. Whether a temporary or permanent solution, there are so many advantages. Some apartments come fully furnished whereas others don’t. Whether they do or not, making changes to your home, so that it reflects your personal taste, is so beneficial. There are many simple ways that this can be done to ensure you look forward to coming back home after a busy day.

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Feel like home

Whether renting accommodation permanently or short term, there are so many positives to changing the appearance of it. Doing so helps to boost both your mental health and the look of the property. There’s no place like home, whether renting or buying an apartment. Even though it isn’t technically owned when you’re renting, it’s still a place to live, relax, entertain friends, work and spend a large amount of time in. It’s a place to feel comfortable in, no matter how long or short the stay is.

Nowadays, for a lot of people, a flat isn’t just a place to sleep and eat. It also doubles up as an office space, so many people spend considerably more time in it than in the past. This gives even more reason to change the look and feel to suit personal taste. It doesn’t matter that a particular apartment may only be a temporary fix, it’s a home for now. Adding personal touches to it can make it feel more meaningful and a safe haven to start and finish your day. The worst thing would be returning home from a long day to a place that makes you feel unhappy, instead it should be styled uniquely to suit personal style.

Make it your own

So many people start renting and don’t add their own flair to a property, this results in a room looking just like anyone else’s. It’s a good idea to get creative and show off personality through interior design. Once personal style has been established in a rental home, then in the future, if another property is purchased or rented, it’ll be easy to know how to style it. Any purchases made are basically an investment, as these can be taken from one place to the next. Either way, some new additions will be needed when moving into any new property, so they may as well be something that is loved.

Check the rules

Whilst making some changes to the appearance of an apartment is a fantastic idea, it’s important to know the dos and don’ts of what can and cant be changed before starting. Ensure the tenancy agreement is fully understood and there won’t be any issues with the landlord.

Ways to change the appearance

If the landlord gives the go ahead, there are many ways to change the appearance of your rental.


Whilst some landlords agree to allow tenants to paint the walls, others do not, so this is a must to check. Adding a touch of colour to the walls can really brighten up a room and make it unique. If painting is not permitted then temporary wallpaper, tapestries or tile stickers could be used.


As long as there is no rewiring, then changing the lighting is a great way to make a place feel more homely. It’s so simple, yet so effective. A lamp in the living room or a beautiful new shade in a bedroom can make a huge difference in practicality, style and colouring.


Plants can really transform a room into a very stylish space to relax, work and entertain. There is a huge range of plants that will happily grow indoors including:

  • English Ivy
  • Peace Lily
  • Boston Fern


One of the best ways to add a touch of style to your rental property is through pictures of loved ones or wall art. Most landlords won’t allow tenants to put nails in the wall, however, there are ways around this so that art and pictures can be hung, such as self-adhesive strips, or they can even just be placed on window sills or tables.

Whilst living in a rented apartment, it’s worth feeling at home. By adding a few personal touches you can do just that, even the smallest of changes can make a great difference.



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