Many people have switched to solar power for various reasons, such as having unlimited electricity but without costly bills. There’s also the fact that it aids in preventing pollution in the air because it won’t be using fossil fuels to generate energy. By using fossil fuels, greenhouse gasses are produced, as well as carbon emissions which are not beneficial for the environment. Solar panels are indeed a great way to save on cash in the long run and help keep the environment healthy, but of course, there are a couple of factors to consider before having it installed. Additionally, it may also require hiring the right people to install these panels safely, correctly, and at the right price.

What Is Solar Energy?

The light or heat that comes from the sun is called solar energy, and that’s what’s used in these devices. We can harness the sun’s energy through the panels but in different ways. The two most used ways would be photovoltaic cells which are the ones that convert it into electricity and are used in homes, and thermal technology which is used in making steam, hot water, and other essential things in life (link: Nowadays, there are at least ten or more uses of solar energy, and these can range from small and much affordable devices to bigger and more beneficial ones like panels. A few specific uses of this energy would be solar water heating, lighting, ventilation, and transportation.

The most common solar technology that’s used would be photovoltaics because it’s used in both residential and commercial structures to produce electricity. Despite being a significant investment, it cuts your usual electric bills in half, to say the least, and it improves efficiency. Not to mention that with the sun as the primary source, you’re producing electricity for free (excluding your costs on the panels, of course). With renewable energy by your side, you’ll be contributing a great help to the environment as well as being independent of fossil fuels. However, installing these devices may require a few things and knowledge on how to maintain them.

Roof Space

One of the apparent factors before installing one is to ensure there’s enough roof space for the panels. The sizes of these devices may vary depending on your needs and what’s most convenient. According to research, the standard size of solar panels for residential structures these days would be around 65 inches by 39 inches. Of course, there are small types of panels and big ones as well that are considered to be more efficient. Knowing how many boards you’ll need may depend on your typical electricity usage.


Although these devices are not high maintenance, it is recommended to have them cleaned at least two to four times a year. Regular maintenance is essential because of the debris and dusts your panels may contain. Not to mention the various weather changes it faces, especially heavy snowfall during the winter season. With proper maintenance, it can live 25-30 years. Improper cleaning or neglecting maintenance may affect the functionality of the device, or its performance may decrease.

Is It Beneficial In California?

California has a Mediterranean-like climate, oftentimes it’s warm, and it has dry summers but also mild winters. Solar panels are weather dependent, and you’d benefit more if your location is somewhere sunny most of the time. Moreover, the device still works well during cloudy days, so it won’t be a big problem (read more). Many people say that it’s definitely worth it to go solar in California because of its naturally sunny climate. If you’ve decided to try investing in solar panels, the next step is to find the right people to install them.

It’s crucial that you entrust this job with people who are well-experienced in that line of work and that they fit your budget. Of course, along with experience, it’s much better if they’ve undergone training. This doesn’t mean that it will be too expensive, but it ensures quality work. There are many experts nowadays that provide excellent customer service and installation without breaking the bank. Online reviews are also a great way to know if that company’s services are worth it.