Internet. A small word that has a significant impact on our lives. No one can imagine what their life will be if there is no internet access to anyone. We all are dependent on the Internet. Whether it is directly or indirectly, whether if we are using it more often or sometimes, we all are somehow linked to the Internet and dependent on the Internet.

We use it very often, and almost all our work, whether it is official or unofficial, it all requires the Internet. Internet as it was introduced to humanity, it had never stopped from then. It is speeding up and taking over everything very rapidly. Almost everything we use in our daily life is connected to the Internet somehow.

Payments, delivering messages, official invitation, and many more things are becoming more and more digital nowadays. To access the Internet, there are a lot of options to choose from. When the Internet was started, it was delivered to the people through the cables and wires.

Nowadays, it is becoming more and more wireless, and gradually, the use of corded internet connection is declining. In this article, we are going to discuss a type of wireless internet connection that is related to the modem and router. We will discuss both and will also get to know some of the interesting facts as well. So, let us start digging in.

What is a Modem and How it Works?

What is a Modem and How it Works

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If you have an Internet connection at your home that you have taken from your nearby internet service provider, then you may have noticed a box that your internet service provider has kept in your home. The box is connected through a wire to the place of the internet service provider.

This wire is the leading cause of your internet availability at your place. Your internet service provider uses this box as storage, which then delivers the internet service to the device which is connected to this box. Defining in a technological term, then it will be called a translator, which translates the information coming from the side of your internet service provider and deliver to the connected devices, say your computer.

A modem will provide the Internet to only one device at a time and not more than that. Therefore, people who have only a device that requires a wired internet connection then it will be the best choice for you. But what if someone wants to connect more than one device and want a wired internet connection at his or her house. Here comes another device named router.

A router, as its name suggests providing a route to your Internet, which is translated by the modem, to all the devices which require an internet connection. A router is used to increase internet availability. This is used primarily at the proper places where more than one device is there, which operates through the Internet.

A router takes a signal from the modem and then transfer it to as many devices as possible. Talking about connectivity, a central wire coming from your internet service provider side gets connected to the modem.

The other side of the modem gets connected to the router through a cable. Here at this point, all the port of your modem is occupied, and now the router is remaining. Here you can connect devices as much as ports available for connectivity in your router.

Are Internet and Modem Interrelated?

Are Internet and Modem Interrelated

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We have already discussed what modem is and how it operates. We know that the main work of modem is to translate the signal coming from the side of your internet service provider through a wire and deliver it to the connected device in the form of the Internet. So, if there is no modem in your house, then you cannot use a wired internet connection.

You may ask what about the router? A router provides Internet to devices only when it is connected to the modem and when there will be no modem, a router will be of no meaning. You may ask that can’t we connect our router directly to the cable coming from the side of our internet service provider? The answer is no.

You cannot just connect the primary wire to the router and start using the Internet. Remember what a router does; it just gives the internet connection a router that goes to the different devices. The modem translates the Internet it receives, and a router can not translate the signal coming from the side of your internet service provider.

So, this means that we cannot get the Internet if we do not have a modem in our houses? Well, yes, but no. You cannot get a “wired” internet connection if you don’t have a modem in your house. There are many other ways also through which you can get access to the Internet. But, if you want to have a wired internet connection then let me tell you that it will not be possible without a modem technically

How can I Access the Internet Without a Modem?

There is just a single option if you want to have an internet connection at your home through the wire. Your internet service provider has to provide the Internet to you through an Ethernet cable.

This wire will directly come from the place of your internet service provider, and if you have only one device, then you can directly connect it to the device. If you have more than one device and a router, then it will connect to your router after this Internet is available to all your devices through the wire and without a modem.

The second option is a wireless connection. This is the one which will rule the world in just a few years. Wireless internet connection is available all over the world. This does not mean that there is no wired internet connection.

Wired internet connections are more secure and stable than wireless ones. We are not going much in this as this is a different topic. Talking about wireless connections, then you are already aware of it. Hotspot, WiFi, satellite internet are some of the examples just to name a few examples of wireless internet connection.

Some Alternatives to the Cable Internet

WiFi. Either free or paid, WiFi is the best alternative to the cable internet. WiFi is just a signal emitting device. If it is secured, then you have to put passwords to access them. Its emissions happen through the air, and any blockage in its path can disturb your internet speed.

Its signals can dissipate in the air, and bad weather will also affect the internet speed. These worries and problems are not there on wired internet connections, and this is their advantage over the wireless internet connection. But, the ease in wireless internet connection is what attracts the costumers most. That is why it is becoming more and more popular.

Talking about free WiFi, then it is for those who are outside of their houses and want an internet connection just for a small period. There are places or streets where you can find free WiFi to use. For a short period, it is the operable bit when it comes to the long term, and then you have to shift to the paid ones.

There are many options available, but here we are going to tell you about only those which are easy to find and have better outcomes as well. We will learn about them briefly. So, let us begin.

1. Satellite Internet

In this option, you have to pay a company that has a satellite situated above our earth to a fixed position. From there, it transmits the beams of data signals. This will be fast and accurate. Bad weather could become a matter of issue in this system.

2. Fixed Wireless Internet

In this, you will have internet equipment at your home and an antenna as well through which you will receive the data signals. In this, the signal will come to you from the cell towers.

It is more reliable than the satellite one as this will not have any weather problems. What matters is the distance of the tower from your house. More the distance less will be internet speed and vice versa.

3. Fiber Optics

This one is the fastest and most secure internet connection one can have at this time. The signals are transmitted through a thin fiber, which is as thin as a human hair. The signals will be delivered to you at the speed of light. But, its drawback is that it is not widely available at this time.

These are some of the best alternatives to the cable internet. There are other options as well, like naked DSL. But these three are the most convenient and most reliable ones. You can use any of these to get a wireless internet connection.


After reading all the information and facts, what we concluded is that you can not access the Internet if you have no modem but only when you are using a cable internet other than Ethernet cable. Ethernet cable can be the first choice if you want a cable internet but lack a modem. Technology is moving towards wireless Internet and devices; therefore, it will be wise if we also shift to that side and go with the flow.

If we compare both wired and wireless, then both of them have merits and demerits also. Therefore what matters here is your need and requirements. What type of device you are using, what speed you will need to fulfill your work needs. Keep your requirements and types of devices in your mind, and then you can select the best one for you.

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