Sky Q has significantly changed the TV watching experiences of the homes in Europe. With a wide selection of TV channels and shows, on-demand Netflix shows, and on-demand Disney plus shows, people now have the ease of watching whatever they wish on a single platform.

Today I would be discussing a lot of questions about Sky Q I think you should be aware of and, most importantly, will discuss whether Sky provides us with a WPS Button feature and if yes, then how to use it?

The following contents are discussed below in the respectively-

  • What is Sky Q?
  • What are its components?
  • What are its features?
  • Does Sky Q have a WPS button?
  • What can we do with Sky Q mobile app?

What is Sky Q?

Sky Q

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Sky Q is a television and entertainment service based on the subscription model provided by the British Satellite Television giants Sky in the households of Britain, Ireland, Germany, and Italy. For a long, Sky has limited its operations to the traditional television network, which one could watch by just switching to its channels.

But far in this world of modernization and technological advancements, every business is trying to use the opportunities to their advantage, and one can clearly say that Sky network is leading this new trend.

Started in February 2016, Sky Q came as a new and attractive alternative for the regular television watchers. They now can watch their favorite shows and channels and save to watch later desired shows all in a very flexible and smooth manner.

This innovation did not go in vain, and the locals highly welcomed it, and Sky recently reported that it has nearly 3.6 million active users. They have been serving 2.3 million households.

What are the components of the Sky Q connection?

A typical Sky Q connection consists of a combination of various components. Let us see what these components are in detail. If you purchase a Silver Sky Q hub( what they call “platinum” in Italy), then you will get a total of three Sky mini boxes that can be placed at different rooms of the house with Sky Q hub acting as the central point.

The Sky Q mini boxes relate to devices of a particular room, and this way, Sky Q tries to cover all your house and provide a wholesome and unified experience. An alternative to the Silver Sky Q set-top box is the standard Sky Q set-top box, which has the same function as the silver one but comes with only 2 Sky mini boxes.

A Sky Q Silver box comes with 2TBs of storage, which is easily capable of recording over 1000hrs of your favorite entertainment, and it comes with Ultra HD quality. In contrast, a regular Sky Q set-top box has only 1TBs of storage and can only feature shows and movies in HD quality. For this reason, the Sky Q Silver is more costly than the normal one.

What are its features?

Sky Q comes with a bag full of features that can easily seduce an entertainment enthusiast. One can connect Sky Q to any entertainment device they want, and it is not just restricted to Television like a regular Set-top box. This gives the users the flexibility to watch any show they wish to watch on any device they are compatible with.

The Sky mini boxes are nodes in themselves. That means they are individually connected to the network and can help a user to continue watching the show from where he/she left off in some other sky set the top box around the house in a different Sky set-top box altogether. This helps the users in tracking what they have been watching and what part of the show they are still left with.

One can easily download six shows at the same time and meanwhile watch the seventh episode while using the Sky Q hub box. The saved videos can be watched later as per the user’s experience.

A user can easily benefit from this feature if he finds himself in a situation where most of his favorite shows and movies are being aired at the same time, and you are not willing to miss any of them. With one thousand hours of watch time, one can easily store hundreds of movies and shows without considering the storage problem.

With easy connectivity between devices, one can leap forward towards making a smart home. Other than that, Sky Q offers service for more than one room of the house so that different members of the house don’t find it necessary to purchase multiple boxes and also connections and have the comfort of watching shows in their rooms.

Sky Q has also integrated with Netflix to present its users with all the “on demand” shows available on the platform. It has also integrated Disney+ for the same purpose. So now, the users can enjoy shows and movies of different platforms by switching into a single platform.

Does Sky Q have a WPS button

You may want to connect your device with the router without entering any password, and for that, you may need WPS. WPS stands for Wi-fi Protected Setup and is used to make it easier for a computer or similar device to connect to a network.

Of course, you do have a WPS button in your Sky Q box(0nly in Sky Q hub box and in Sky Q booster box, which is used in places where your network between the devices is the weakest). The WPS button is present at the rightmost corner of the buttons panel of the box (4th form the left), and in some devices, it is present on the right side of the box.

Some users find it challenging to locate the WBs button on the device. This is because the button is generally black, and it cannot be easy to locate the button in the black background as the whole device is also black. But if you look closely, you can locate the button on one go.

Now that you know that your Sky Q box has a WPS button and you have located it lets see how to use it. WPS setup is used for small places like homes and small unit sized businesses

To connect your device with your Sky Q box with a WPS setup, you first need to go to the settings of your device and click on WPS setup in the wi-fi section and then press the WPS button on the Sky Q box for a few seconds. After a few moments, you will see that your device relates to the network without you needing to enter any password for the same.

Now you can enjoy all your favorite movies and TV shows in this newly connected device. Also, you don’t need to repeat the process every time you want to connect the same device with your box as your box has already recognized the device and will automatically allow it to connect to it in case the wi-fi of your device has been switched on.

What Can We Do with Sky Q Mobile App?

Sky Q Mobile App

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Sky has tried to provide its users with maximum satisfaction and comfort with its Sky Q initiative. A user can also download the Sky Q mobile app known as Sky Go app, which runs both on android and iOS platforms.

With Sky Q mobile app, users have the comfort of singing in their user ID and watching the shows from where they had left off and all of that on the go. This enables users to enjoy all their favorite homestyle entertainment, even while being far away from home.

Because of this, they do not have to rely on any other outside and unreliable source for entertainment. This truly has revolutionized the modern TV watching experience where TV watching is not just limited to your Television but can easily be extended to other devices, including your mobile.

If you think that this is all, then you probably are not aware of what more it has to offer. Remember, I talked about saving your favorite movies and shows for not missing it and watching it later? Well, you are not just allowed to watch these saves for later shows on your Television, but you can also watch it on your mobile phone while traveling or when you are not at home.


Sky Q caters its users with a ton of features and tries to add maximum to their comfort. But these all come at a price which is usually variable to the variant and the number of connections you are using but is generally high.

It has been rated as the best television and entertainment platform by many because of all the benefits it has to offer. Still, collectively every reviewer feels that it is a little too expensive. But for a product like this offering so much feature, the price also sounds reasonable

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