Online streaming services are taking over the wired streaming services. We all are seeing how online streaming services have taken over the world, and they are all over the world. Where there is the internet, there is at least one online streaming service for the people. There has been a decline in the number of users who used to watch cable TV. More and more people are joining the online streaming services to watch movies, shows, series, and even live TV.

That is why the declination in users of cable TV us taking place, and online streaming services are blooming every single day better from the previous days. Turning of people from cable TV to online streaming services is because it is more convenient, easy to use, not require any maintenance, and the best part about it is that it is budget-friendly as well. That is why people consider it more than cable TV.

There are a lot of online streaming services available all around the globe. Every country has some of its streaming services while there are some which are operating worldwide. It means that some of the streaming services are local, while others are international ones. Netflix, Amazon prime is operating worldwide, and Hulu, Sling are local ones. Sling is the one we are going to discuss in this article. We will understand it more and will conclude it later also after giving the answers our main heading asked.

Everything you Need to Know about Sling

Rather than jumping directly to the answer, it will be better to first we should understand what Sling is and what you can do and what you cannot. It will give us a better insight into it, and then we can fix some problems on our own without taking the help of anyone. You must have heard that before fixing something, we should first know what that thing is, and we should have some knowledge about it; otherwise, we will only make it worse and nothing else.

Therefore, we are going to give you a detailed introduction of Sling, after which we will dig some more to get the answers, and then we will conclude the whole article. Otherwise, all things will become a mess, and nothing will be there to remember; therefore, a conclusion is a better option to collect all the knowledge at the end. So, let us start now.

A Brief Introduction

Sling is a service that gives you on-demand channels and lives TV to watch. Once you become their subscribers, you will be able to use their services, of course, after paying some money. You can use it anywhere, whether it is your smart TV, smartphone, laptop, desktop. You can use Sling from anywhere.

All you will need is their subscription and their app, or you can also log in from their website on your phone or any device on which you want to enjoy their services. It was the first of their kind.

It was started back in 2015 when there were no such things as online streaming services. After this the number of competitors increased bit still if you want to get rid of the expenses of your cable TV then this one will be the best option for you. Among its competitors, Sling is the cheapest one and gives you a better experience as well.

How it works

It is like a standard cable TV, but what is the main difference about it is that it operates through the internet. You should have a better internet connection to enjoy their services. To have a better and more smooth experience, you must give it a better internet connection. You should have a download speed of around 5 Mbps if you are using only one device and at least 25 Mbps if you are using multiple devices.

Therefore, make sure to check your internet speed in your house before introducing Sling into your house. It will offer you live TV and different shows, movies, series, etc. In cable TV, you must connect your device to your cable box while in Sling, you can connect it to the devices through the internet. You can connect any number of devices, but remember that as the number of devices will increase, load and internet speed requirements will also increase.

It may give you an unpleasant experience. Therefore connect limited devices to get the best out of Sling. Since it requires an internet connection to operate, it will also consume your data as well. The expenses of your data depending on the device you are using. Generally, it consumes 1 GB for one hour streaming of movies in standard quality and can use at least 3 GB of your data in one hour if you are streaming your movies in high definition quality.

Sling’s packages costs

Sling Premium Content

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We all know that in this world, every service follows the give and take system. Therefore you have to pay to use its services. Unlike the other premium online streaming services, which charge between 45 to 60 dollars per month, Sling offers its services in as low as 30 dollars for one month. It is enough for local online streaming services.

Sling has three packages to choose from. One is sling orange, the second one is sling blue, and the third and last one is sling orange + blue. Talking about the sling orange, then it has only 33 channels, and you can watch only in one device at a time. If you started another device while one is already in use, then you have to stop one device to continue its usage.

It excludes Fox and NBC channels while includes ESPN and Disney channels. On the other hand, sling blue offers you 48 channels. What you should know here is that the channels you will have in sling orange will be missing out entirely in sling blue and vice versa. This means that in blue, you will be missing ESPN and Disney channels while you will have NBC and Fox channels to watch.

Sling blue offers you to use three devices at a time. At the same time, the Sling Orange + blue package gives you the benefits of both the packages. Total, you will have 51 channels to watch from. This package will allow you to use four devices at a time, but you can watch orange packages channels only in one device.

You can watch other remaining channels as well, but to use those channels, you must pay an extra amount as well. You can subscribe to their extra packages under monthly charges. Under this, you can have access to a lot of extra channels.

Sling will also offer your local channels as well but, not all of them. Therefore, if you are missing some of your local channels, then you have two options to get them back. First, take a subscription from Sling, and second, you can use an over the top antenna to catch all the local channels.

What is Sling Cloud DVR and does it require internet or not

Sling Cloud DVR

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In Sling, you can record the ongoing movies or series. You can download a single episode or whole episodes. Sling offers its costumers to have a cloud storage of up to 10 hours. This means that you can store some of your videos or recordings of duration up to 10 hours. You can also extend this duration to 50 hours by paying 5 dollars extra per month.

So, if you are watching some great stuff and want to see it again, then you can record it as well, and it will be available in the recording section of your home screen. You can also record all the episodes of a series, whether it is streaming or not. You must download the first episode, and while recording, you will have the options on your screen.

You can select the time at which you want to record, one episode recording, or full episodes recording. If you select all episodes, then you do not have to start recording every week as it will automatically download all the episodes for you.

Now, the question that arises here is that you can watch it offline or without the internet. The answer is no. No, you cannot download it to watch it later without the internet. You will require an internet connection to access your recordings.

Remember that you are just recording it and not downloading it. Therefore, it is unavailable while offline or if you do not have an internet connection. There are some channels where you cannot record their streaming. Disney and ESPN channels are totally out of it, and you cannot record any of their channels. Local now is also one of those.


We have understood until now that the Sling is one of the first platforms which has introduced online streaming services to ourselves. This is not working worldwide; somewhat, it is limited to the United States only. To use it you should have a better internet connection as well.

This means that it operates through the internet, and if there is no internet connection, then you will be unable to use any of its services, not even their cloud DVR. Cloud DVR provides you to record some live stuff and to watch it later in the same quality, but while your internet is on.

This is not available when you are offline. Sling is dependent on the internet, and without the internet, it is nothing. Overall, it is one the best for first-time users and the best one in the local ones who give online streaming services for the people.

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