The faster the downloading speed, the better the performance. For online gaming and live streaming, this speed is sufficient. Even an internet speed of 4-6 Mbps will give an excellent gaming experience. This speed will be fast enough for streaming live while playing games or even for watching good quality videos at 720P resolution.

However, the speed of 20 Mbps is more for those users who are daily streaming live and want a reliable experience. The modern consoles and computers require a minimum of 5 Mbps internet speed for gaming. Also, in that case, the downloading or uploading rate will take much less time.

How many Mbps speed is required for gaming?

Well, this answer depends on the system on which you are playing games. Each gaming system requires different abilities. In some systems, you will require 5-7 Mbps speed, whereas, in other systems, you may need 10-20 Mbps speed of the internet. However, a standard of 20 Mbps speed is necessary if you want to play games online without any issue. A ping rate within 150ms is required to play games online without any problem.

How to keep the Ping rate low?

Even if you have 3 Mbps internet speed, it is sufficient for you to play online games. While playing games online, one should keep the latency issues in mind for which the Ping rate plays a much important role. Ping rates should always be kept as much low as possible; however, for online gaming, it can be geared up to 100 m/s. If you have basic requirements from the internet, then the ping rate should be kept under 20 m/s.

If you want to keep your ping rate low, then you will need to move closer to the router. Always close the background programs and websites which are running. Moreover, keep the number of devices less which are connected with the Wi-Fi. Also, make sure to use local servers and get your device connected to your router with the help of an Ethernet cable only.

Is 0 Ping Rate Possible?

No, 0 Ping can never be possible as it takes time to exchange data from one node to another node. Even if you use optical fiber cable for internet service, then also you cannot minimize the ping rate to 0. Also, there is no necessity of keeping ping rate 0. Even if your ping rate is low, it will be perfect for gaming purposes.

Is 20 Mbps Fast Enough for Streaming While Gaming?

How Fast Should the Internet Be

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Minimum 4-5 Mbps internet speed is required to play games online. However, if you are a constant gaming player and stream online while playing games, then any internet speed of 10-20 Mbps is required to be one of the best.

Whenever you search online for internet speed, which is good for gaming, make sure you do not keep the downloading speed rate a factor in playing games online. This speed has nothing to do with the speed which you need to play games online.

What Internet Speed do Pro-Gamers Use?

Pro-gamers require 5-7 Mbps internet speed for smooth quality and no buffering. However, if you want that your streaming does not get affected anyhow, you can gear up to 20 Mbps speed.

The downloading speed will be somewhere near 4-5 Mbps, which is more than sufficient for streaming and playing games. 100 Mbps internet speed is not what you require for this purpose. This high speed is needed mainly for business conferences or calls, which are held online where there is a negligible chance of poor video quality.

Routers for Handling High-Speed Internet and Gaming

Here, we are providing a list of routers which you can use for gaming purpose. All these routers provide good internet speed. However, the internet speed is dependent on your internet service providers. These routers can offer more than 20 Mbps of internet speed, which will be useful for you while streaming and playing games online. We have mentioned some of the routers below.

TP-Link AC1750 Smart WiFi Router

This device comes equipped with 4 Fast Local Area Network often abbreviated as LAN ports, which is very easy to install and setup.

Also, it does support parental control and Jio Fibre. Moreover, it has a WPS button and supports Guest Wi-Fi Router.

Along with these features, it has broad compatibility and offers a high speed of the internet. It also supports IPv4 as well as IPv6 with a stable bandwidth connection. Moreover, it has application control and provides WPS security.

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Netgear Nighthawk Smart Wi-Fi Router

This device comes equipped with a wireless Wi-Fi router and supports multi-mode as well as IPv6, which is very easy to install and setup.

It does help parental control and application control. It is effortless to install and provides compatibility, portability, and reliability to all of its customers.

Also, it supports the guest network with stable bandwidth connections and does provide fast internet speed with ensured security.

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Speedefy Smart Wi-Fi Router

This device is somewhat unique from all the other tools, and it does not require the use of a modem. However, it does provide a stable connection and secure wireless coverage with ensured security and connectivity.

It comes equipped with a wireless Wi-Fi router and provides compatibility, portability, and reliability to all of its customers and is very easy to install.

Moreover, it supports parental control, application control, guest network, and dual-band. It provides fast internet speed with a reliable and secure connection.

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Synology Mesh Wi-Fi Router

This device can communicate with two other devices at a time with a broad range of Wi-Fi. It provides the fastest internet speed to all of its customers and can be easily installed.

It has 4 Gigabit Local Area Network often abbreviated as LAN ports, which is very easy to install and setup. Also, it has one mesh function which supports stable bandwidth and guest network.

It also provides compatibility, portability, and reliability to all of its customers. It offers fast internet speed with a strong and secure connection with parental control, application control, four external antennas, and supports access point mode.

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Top Internet Service Providers


It is a Comcast’s brand mainly for consumer cable Television, providing internet, landline. Also, it is wireless. Xfinity is one of the largest cable providing company which offers service in the United States.

It provides its service to the residential as well as commercial customers in different states. It provides fast internet speed, and 58 million businesses are using this high speed of internet from Xfinity. Moreover, the cost required for subscription is affordable at $25 per month.

AT&T Internet

It is offering fast speed internet service to 21 states. It provides DSL broadband, optical fiber cable, and wireless internet service. It gives internet plans from $40 per month along with different AT&T products. Also, the internet speed for downloading is 940 Mbps.


It is offering high-speed internet service to 50 different states and also provides DSL to approximately 50 million people. It contains fiber internet to around 10 million customers. It offers an attractive price for life plans, which starts from $49 per month and with a speed of 100 Mbps. It also provides a high internet speed of 940 Mbps for $65 per month.

Verizon FIOS

Verizon was launched in 2005. It is one of the first internet service providers Who offer fiber services of the internet to residential customers. It is providing fiber internet service to around ten different states and 35 million people along the East Coast. It also offers DSL internets service. The starting plan is $40 per month, which is offering 200 Mbps of internet speed and $80 per month for 940Mbps internet speed.


Spectrum is offering internet service to around 29 million people in more than 40 different states. It was launched in 2014, and since then it is providing a broad range of broadband and fiber service to the residential and commercial people.

The starting plan is $50 per month, which is offering 940 Mbps of internet speed, and the validity of this plan is for 12 months only.


It is offering DSL along with fiber internet plans in more than 28 states and mainly in the West Coast, Midwest and South. It does not provide any data caps but offers the plan at an affordable rate. The plan starts with $20 per month, which provides the internet speed of 6 Mbps, and the 940 Mbps is available for $75 per month.


Cox is one of the largest cable providers in the United States, which serves 18 states. Mainly, it provides services in Arizona and California. Also, it offers cable, internet service, and phone service.

We have thoroughly discussed the fastest internet speed for gaming purposes and how a router supports this high speed of the internet. We have learned that a router cannot provide any high speed on its own, but it is dependent on what your internet service provider is providing to you.

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