Dubai is considered one of the safest cities in the world. To achieve this the government imposes very strict behavior rules both for locals, expats and tourists without exception. If you want to have a normal life without constant problems with police, it is better to follow these rules and local laws.

1. Relationships.

One of the strangest laws for foreigners, especially expats from Europe is that unmarried people cannot live in one flat but if you are officially married couple you can rent a flat or search for flats to buy in Dubai without any restrictions.Previously, even tourists found it difficult to stay in one room. If you are not married with your soul mate, you cannot live together in the same room. Now everything is different, this law does not apply to tourists. But, if you are planning to move to live in Dubai, then shared living under one roof is prohibited. Since, according to the laws of the UAE, cohabitation is possible only upon the conclusion of an official marriage. An ordinary couple in love cannot rent a joint apartment, this is prohibited by law. But naturally, many residents of Dubai break this rule and live with their beloved ones. Despite this, it is not recommendedto forget that after all, this is a violation of the law for which you can be held accountable. Moreover, it is forbidden to hug, kiss and show your feelings in publicin Dubai. Only married people can walk under the arm. These rules are especially valid in Sharjah and Abu Dhabi.

2. Clothes.

Dress modestly in the Emirates. For women, the chest, shoulders and arms should be covered up to the wrist. At the entrance to the mosque, girls collect their hair in a headscarf and wear long floor-length dresses or skirts. Men, also, do not leave their shoulders and knees exposed; even shorts are worn below the knees. It is allowed to walk in a swimsuit only within the beach, pool or water park. But despite all these prohibitions, people in Dubai know how to dress stylishly. Girls wear heels, dresses, blouses. In other words, business dress is encouraged.

3. Entertainment, fun.

Dancing, as well as noisy festivities are allowed exclusively in designated places, nightclubs, as well as in personal apartments. Elsewhere it will be punishable by law. It is strictly forbidden to photograph strangers, especially local women, without their consent. Various kinds of fights, insults, sharp hand gestures and spitting are considered a serious violation, up to deportation or arrest! Donot forget, the laws really work in Dubai! And if you are “inadequate”, you will be punished very quickly and deported from the country.

How do you find these prohibitions and laws? After reading this information, what feelings do you feel – fear or vice versa?

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