Before answering this question, we need to find out what type of connector telephone use and what type of connector is required for ethernet.

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Which Cable is Used for a Telephone Line?

Cat5 cable is widely used for telephony nowadays, instead of station wire. It uses the blue pairs for the first line and orange pairs for the second line. If I talk more about a Category 5 or Cat 5 wire, it ends with an RJ-45 connector and consists of four twisted copper wire sets.

Used in business and home networks, Cat 5 cable offers data transmission rates of up to 100 MB per second. The recommended length for a Cat5 cable is a maximum of 100 meters; if you exceed this length limit without adding any network device or bridge, you will face specific issues such as loss of data packets, ann data transfer speed degradation.

A Category 5 cable has a specific wire ordering; it has eight sets of wires within it; the cable won’t operate if the wire order is different in the Cat5 cable.T568A T568B are the two standards for wiring order. Each standard performs similarly and does not have any advantage over other standards. Nevertheless, every end of the Cat 5 cable must have the same wire order.

How Many Wires Are Needed for Ethernet?

Category 5 Ethernet Cable contains four pairs of wire (Eight wires), but only two pairs(4 wires are used by 10BaseT and  100BaseT standards (10Mbps and 100Mbps, respectively ), one pair help with data transmission and other pair used for data receiving.

Is Running the Internet Through a Phone Line, Possible?

A regular modem, a local area network connection, a cable modem, or a DSL (Digital Subscriber Line) connection are the ways that connect you with the Internet,

DSL uses the same wire as regular telephone line use, and it is a very high-speed connection.

What is DSL Internet?

Digital Subscriber Line, also known as DSL, is a technology that transfers digital data through a telephone line. Consumers on an existing telephone network can get a high-speed broadband connection from a phone wall jack. DSL does not use Telephone frequencies, so making a phone call while using the Internet does not affect it.

How Does DSL Work?

DSL network is the same as a dial-up network but advance; many local telecommunication providers provide DSL. Through this service, you can enjoy high-speed Internet Connectivity with the help of an existing telephone network, no need for another telephone connection to use a DSL service.

DSL Technology has two major types available

  • Symmetrical DSL
  • Asymmetrical DSL

Symmetrical DSL

Symmetrical connections have equivalent bandwidth for download and upload speeds.

Asymmetrical DSL

Many people who surf the internet download more information than upload, and there are more downstream bandwidth and less upstream bandwidth on an asymmetrical connection. That is why this is the most popular and commonly used DSL type.

Can you Plug a Phone Line into an Ethernet Port?

You can quickly stabilize the connection between your modem and your phone jack with the help of a standard phone cable. Within the system, the wireless router is already attached and will immediately begin transmitting the wireless signals. These routers also have Ethernet ports to make your desktop computer hard-wired, if needed.

On computer network equipment, an Ethernet port or jack or a socket is an opening where you can easily plug into your Ethernet Cables. These ports are mainly used to stabilize a connection between wired network hardware and a Wide area network (WAN), Ethernet LAN, or metropolitan area network (MAN).

These Ethernet ports accept only a cable with RJ-45 connectors. Using Wi-Fi is an alternative to using these ports and cables; using Wi-Fi removes the need for an ethernet port and cable.

Phone jacks are a little bit smaller than an ethernet port; this shape helps identify the right jack quickly; because ethernet ports are a little bit wider, it’s impossible to plug an ethernet cable in a phone jack; it helps you to plug in the right cable in the right jack.

Ethernet cables are usually built with a clip to hold these cables in the ethernet port.

Is an Ethernet Cable the Same as a WAN Cable?

“The same is true for Ethernet cables and WAN cables?” Ethernet is a system for accessing local area networks. So, any cable that allows connection to a system/device within a LAN can be named “ethernet cable” or “network cable” or “WAN cable.” There is no difference in network and ethernet cables.

Can you Connect an Ethernet Cable to a Phone Line?

Are Internet and Modem Interrelated

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Either an Ethernet or a USB connection is required to connect your computer with your modem; use a phone splitter into your existing phone wall jack, connect one end of the phone cable at the modem’s back into the DSL connection.

To allow your wireless network, establish a connection between your phone jack and your DSL modem with a standard phone cable. Now with the help of an ethernet cable, connect your wireless router with a DSL modem.

Is it Possible to Plug a Router into any Phone Socket?

A Small Office Home network router uses an RJ-45 or Ethernet cable to connect to the data network. But a phone socket uses RJ-11 connectors for voice connection,

The two connectors are completely different.

In some cases, an RJ-11 will get plugged into an RJ-45 socket-but you will not get any results. And plugging your router in any phone socket will not help you to enable your internet service.

Suppose you have an ISP providing DSL service. At the very least, you will need a DSL modem to enable internet services. The modem connects to the router using RJ-45. And the modem uses RJ-11 to connects to the Phone line, which has DSL enabled

On your master socket, you need to plug your Hub into the broadband connection. This will not work if you connect it with an extension or a phone socket.

Is it Possible to Plug a Phone into Router?

Plug a Router into any Phone Socket

Using a cable router, instead of a regular telephone line, you can connect your home phone to the Internet only if your cable company provides a voice over IP or VoIP service.

To make local and long-distance calls from a standard home phone, VoIP uses the internet connection available to your home. But you must set up the hardware before you start making any VoIP calls.

How to Setup Hardware for VoIP Calls?

Keep your home phone and cable router nearby so that the cable is within the cable router’s reach. We must plug in the modem first if it is not already connected.

You will see a “Cable In” port at the backside of the modem. Connect a coaxial cable from the cable socket in this port, now use the power cord and plug it into the power input socket in the modem and wall outlet,

You may need to activate the modem. You can easily find out that your modem is activated or not with ONLINE light; if light solid, your modem is activated; if it is blinking, you need to activate it first. To activate the modem, please refer to your cable provider’s website, mobile app, or phone service.

Now connect your modem with a computer or smartphone; connect using Wi-Fi, find out your SSID or your Wi-Fi name and password, sometimes also known as Pre-shared keys. You will find it on your modem’s label.

Please enter these details into your device wireless connection menu to connect if you want to connect using an Ethernet Cable. You can plug the cable into modem and computer.

After connecting your device with the modem, open a website, and verify that your Internet is working. accept the terms and conditions of your Cable Provider, id asks

You will find a port that looks like a telephone jack at the back of the cable router connecting your telephone cable to this port, and you are done.

Can I Plug Ethernet into a Router or Modem?

If you are using a separate modem, you will find a dedicated ethernet port at the back of your router; these ports often have different colors to recognize it quickly. You can link multiple devices to the router via Ethernet and Wi-Fi to allow Internet access and allow the devices to communicate with one another.


Yes, if you have an ethernet cable running directly between the router and wall jack and the wall jack is for ethernet, you could then connect a patch cable between the jack and your computer.

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