Some readers have been wondering as to how they can reset their Sky Broadband connections. If you too were wondering about the same, no need to wonder, since, we will be answering the same question.

However, many of you may be wondering what Sky Broadband is since some may be unaware of the same. Hence, we will be listing out some details of the same, before answering the question that has been asked in the title.

What Is Sky Broadband?

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Sky Broadband is a broadband service offered by Sky UK in the United Kingdom. The company also offers up to 20 Mbit/s from Sky enabled changes by means of LLU (Local-loop unbundling) and up to 76 Mbit/s from exchanges enabled for FTTC via an Openreach landline.

The company also introduced free broadband and call packages for its digital TV subscribers. This was a move to attract customers towards their digital TV subscriptions. According to some experts, Sky is a good choice. It is neither the fastest nor is it the slowest. It slots in between both and is fairly trustworthy. This is applicable for both broadband and television services.

How to Reset Sky Broadband Router?

In case your router is having some issues, you may be wondering as to how to reset Sky Broadband Router. If you too are wondering about the same, follow the steps given below.

  • Unplug your router or modem (Note: Do not turn it off though)
  • Wait for 30-40 seconds, then, plug it back in.
  • Allow the device to turn on after some time.

These were three simple steps on how to reset the Sky Broadband router or modem. We hope this has been of your help. Some other common questions are given below.

How to Change the Sky Broadband Router Settings?

  • Check that your Sky broadband is connected (Since this is a necessity)
  • In a browser address bar, enter
  • Select the wireless option.
  • Enter the default username admin (this has been provided to the user. In case you are unable to find the same, contact Sky Broadband)
  • Enter your password (that had been set upon initial setup)

With these steps done, you will be able to change the settings of your Sky Broadband Router or modem.

How to Boost Your Sky Wi-Fi signal?

Many of you must have purchased the Sky Broadband and may be wondering as to how to boost your Sky Broadband Wi-Fi signal. If you too were wondering about the same, follow the steps given below.

  • Move your router to a higher location since it is advisable to keep the router above ground level to get better internet speeds.
  • Remove any interference if it is present since anything can block and disrupt the quality of the internet speed.
  • Update your router’s firmware since any update can result in degradation of the internet speeds. The router could improve very well in terms of speed after a good firmware update.
  • Change the wireless channel, since there could be a better channel available that can affect the speed of your internet connection.
  • Get a better router, also, it is advisable not to use the router that has been shipped with your connection since they are usually either very old or are of poor quality which greatly reduce network speeds. Yes, you may think that why should one spend on something that has been provided for free, but you must remember the reason as to why the company provided routers are free.
  • Contact your provider, this step may anger some (we know you all think it is better to experiment rather than call experts), but, if you are facing major speed issues and are relatively new to all this, it is advisable to call your provider.

These were some of the steps that could help in improving the speeds of your broadband since that is one of the major issues faced by many users. The most useful of them all is the router option, since, that will be the most useful in improving the internet speeds.

Can A Router Be Hacked?

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Many of you who are using the routers from various providers may be wondering whether a router can be hacked. Your router has data related to your net searches and all, and, if in case it gets hacked, all of your data may be fished and people can steal it and sell it via the black market. If you too were wondering whether or not a router can be hacked, do not worry since they cannot be hacked. Yes, if in case it is hacked all your data can be extrapolated. So, rest assured as nowadays, it cannot be hacked.

Finally coming to the final question, even though we know the routers cannot be hacked some are still paranoid and may be wondering as to how to make your network secure. Given below is the question and the answer to the same.

How to make your modem secure?
In the final question, some people have been wondering how to make your router secure to prevent the very unlikely event of hacking of your router. Given below are the steps on how to make your modem secure.

  • Open your routers setting page (available by typing into your web browser.
  • Create a unique password for your router (Use a strong alphanumeric password and keep in mind to not use simple passwords or one that is common like your birthday or age.)
  • Change your network’s SSID Number to make sure it is more secure since changing the number will also have effect on the device’s security.
  • Enable network encryption, to prevent easy hacking and see that no one can easily access your data.

Hence, these were some simple steps on how to make your router secure in the unlikely event of your router being hacked.

These were some of the additional questions asked with the Sky Broadband and we hope this article has been of immense help to you and has been able to answer all your questions related to how to reset your Sky Broadband.

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